The children’s play area is now built with a variety of game, beautifully designed, attracting attention and favorite child. However, how to ensure absolute safety for children when playing is important and necessary. Meanwhile, rubber flooring will be granular solutions to meet those issues.

What is rubber granules?

EPDM rubber granules are types of synthetic rubber Ethylene – Propylene -Diene – Monomer (M-Class), is friendly materials with the environment, with good strength, is resistant to many types of chemicals, water … and resilient construction ideal for surface flooring, wallpaper.

Granulated rubber is a material widely used in the use of rubber flooring with decorative plates fussy, intricate but rubber tiles or rubber mats can not be met.

The advantages and convenience when using granulated rubber flooring

When designing and building a children’s playground, rubber floor granular material is very popular thanks to the following advantages.

Design:  Rubber granules ease in shaping, with high aesthetics, ideal elasticity, long-term use. This is the common materials of construction to serve the floor of the stadium, gym or children’s play area.

The construction of the granular rubber flooring often more difficult than other types of flooring is constructed of brick or conventional rubber. However, when the children’s playground is made of rubber flooring, which will easily create beautiful images, more vivid.

In entertainment:  Children at play are often hyperactive, jumping and sometimes prone to fall, causing injury. Therefore, in addition to the design of the game so that safety, employment rubber flooring will reduce injuries when falling and children’s safety remains absolutely guaranteed.

With these advantages and utilities that rubber flooring granular bring play area kids have made this product becomes extremely popular and become the choice indispensable for investors, each household family. And to bring to the floor type of rubber granules with good design, quality, 067 Group is proud to be the supplier, build credibility, professionalism kinds of rubber flooring granular with beautiful design, good quality and durable.

Rubber flooring granular Our presence in most of the works of entertainment for children, school buildings preschool, elementary … To the works quality and best performance, 067 GROUP entered multiple lines EPDM rubber from abroad with outstanding quality (ISO 9001) for the construction and supply its customers. Floor construction method EPDM rubber highly focused GROUP 067. To have a quality EPDM rubber flooring, the construction process has to be done right methods, the right technique.

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